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Spirit of the Blue, oil on canvas 103x74

    Mihailo Misha Kravcev has allready performed a huge number of exhibitiones, arround many countries, mostly at the top busy equal spaces. His press clipping, or from the newspapers or from the TV critics is very huge, also. So what to highlight, than.
   At 1993, he got award as the best young Yugoslav artist.  At 1998, Swedish galleriests arrenged him a great exhibition in the very center of Stockholm, in the “Aston Gallery”, during the manifestation – “Stockholm, cultural capital of Europe 98” At 2004, his sculpture “Beokupacica” ( a belgrade Bathing lady) was placed in the park between the govermant house and the monumet of “ the Turkish bath” in the very center of Belgrade ( this sculpture is a joint artwork by Misha and his wife Yovana, also an artist).
   The legendary art critic from “Politika”, Mirjana Zivkovic, an editor of the cultural page, called him “ an Arpheas with a paint brush”, also he was one of a very few living artists, whoose exhibitions has been opened by Mirjana Zivkovic herself.
   I am not an art critic, but Kravcev`s art paintings themselves, narrating a lot and the best, more than any critician`s essey. By this reason I decided to put here only some short quotationes from the  critics, and  that part of one Kravcev`s interview (below), and I am inviting you to check all these sites with the artwork of Kravcev, at the expressed links .
It is better than any words

Aphrodite,the Godess, well known oil on cavas

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Why I am painting in blue - Creation through the colours
(A part of the interview) :

Journalist : Why are You using mostly the blue colour ?
Kravcev : There are only three basic colours, the blue, the yellow, and the red, and from this three, we can make all the others.
The blue and the yellow are becoming from the white, like the red is becoming from the black. For exeample, put only a drop of white in a red colour, you`ll get the pink. That`s the reason the blue and yellow sends the rays, they are expressing and the red receive, and atracts.
In the nature, the sky is blue, sunshine and the stara are yellow, and the flame in the center of the Earth, or our flash and blood are red.
Once upon the time, before everything starts, the whole Earth was red, all in the fire and flame, before creating, still without life. And it was warm and desirous.
Blue from the sky, and yellow from the sunlight, mutual, joint, made a green colour, the emerald. And that emerald flowed down to the Earth, atracted by that red colour, to touch her, because a movement is the nature of  the green, a red is placing and attracting, just as we have two sexes. So, the first rain had falled, and the life begines.
From that reason, the green colour rests our eyes`, it comes to us directly, allways in the move, and the red is so remarkable, allways stable and atracting, like the mathery,like a flesh, allways in a desire to be touched, to recieve attention.
The yelow is a colour of the center of the space. Yellow rules. The people who coudn`t stand some authority, sometimes get nervous even if someone wears for exeample a yellow T-sheart. Imagine for exeample, to live in a room with transparent yellow walls, many people could become, unless to say crazy about that.
And the blue is a colour of the spirit, of untouchable, of air, of the sky. Even the mountains on the horizont are becoming blue. The blue is the colour of the spirit without flash. Imagine, some food in your plate, if become blue, you will loose even the smalest desire to eat it.
Like we have four seasons, for elements, four races, for sides of the world, we have also: red, green, yellow and blue.
I mostly paint with blue and white, because in nowdays, in the period of galloping technology and computer systems, I want to paint that which is unvisiable with a simple view and untouchable, but we all can feel it, and which connects all of us in one, life or space.
Today, any camera or PC, could make something better in a plastic reality that any painter can do, and I am just trying to evoke theese which is understundable for all spirits.
That because,I am proud. Nowdays, technology can copy almost every artwork from the history untill now, but no painter, no camera, no technology, can copy that spirit which is shining from my paintings, or to copy anyone of them to be excately the same.



Individual energy of M.Kravcev has definitely a dimension more, a dimension of archetypic and prophetic
(Prof. Bozovic)

In the nearest future, it is expectable that those artwork become a monument of the epoque
(Prof. Hausdorff)

...M.Kravcev is one of the most contemporary artists of Europe today....perhaps, those which is authentic in he`s style, easy could be and only possibility for the art painting in generaly, to go further (M.Nachtigal)

On the poetic way, the artwork of M.Kravcev in generaly is a kind of the most oldiest narrations of a human history

In his artwork, M.Kravcev is narrating about the archetypic movements of the great explosion, the Big Beng. He`s paintings are full of positive energy, and they can heal
(Prof. Stambolovic)

With artwork of M.Kravcev, artpainting in generaly is finaly richer for the one really unic and contemporary artist, which is following his own style, without any imitations.
Because of his authentic style of painting, all in one breathe, and his brave orientation to a blue colourit, which is allways the most difficault for painting, all theese on so poethic way, I want to giv him a public nick name for the future, an Arpheas with a paint brush, which he realy deserves...
(Mirjana Zivkovic, art editor)

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Once again, I am inviting you to check all these sites with the artwork of Kravcev, at the links above.
It is better than any words




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