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Published Literature

Belgrade, Sava river, June 1996

Untill now, Misha Kravcev have published four books

- Anthology of jokes about Muyo and Haso 1997
(traditional jokes from the former Yugoslavia,
with a brilliant introducing, also by M.Kravcev, with very precise explanations about the nature of jokes, laughing and smiling, what are they in generaly, and how they starts or becomes)
- A Spring Of The Lion 1998
- The Angel Of Accidentality 1999
- Saga About The Red Star FC 2000

Interesting, the novels, `A Spring Of the Lion` and `The Angel Of Accidentality` were written at 1981( Lion) and 1983( the Angel), and about 17 years they were laying down in the box (!), than the editor, Milena Petrovic, find both texts by the case, and later she persuated Kravcev to published both books.
The first edition of 'A Spring of the Lion` was sold complitely very fast, and a journalist from Belgrade`s Politika, Andjelka Cvijic, compared this novel with the `Le Petit Prince` of De Saunt-Exupery. In preparing is his next novel " Story About a Harph".


...My art don`t look like - I like to go further and I don`t want to obey no law than the law of the God, Cosmical. In the world of the Devil, there`s no easynes, only hardness, and there - `you must`, but in the world of human beings who wants to touch or reach cosmical, deep inside them - `You wish to, or you want to...` I don`t like to use anything which leads to any kind of confection or statistics. Surely, I start from something of all that artists before me, like from the genetic acsioms, without repeating them...
The whole world is one soul and one body. The Unity is law of the God, and the Mutation is the law of the Nature.

M.Kravcev 1994`

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