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`...I am living for the momment, than the artist and philopsopher, the scientist and theologist, will start to communicate with the same language, like the whole world becomes from the One soul, pure and bright.`

Michael Misha Kravcev 1994

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This site is made as the birthday gift, to my good friend - Mihailo Misha Kravcev

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  He is well known art painter, also a writer, archeologiest and why not, an astrologiest.
In the public he is mostly well known as the art painter. In arts he have allready reached high international level, also one of the very rare artists who can live pretty comfortable by his artwork.
Untill now, he had published 4 books, as the writter, 3 novels and one anthology.
It is less known about him, that his verry first love was allways archeology, and he is a real expert for the prehistoric times, specially about the ancient times and Greece.
And by the opinion of the most of people who are in astrology, he is one of the very best astrologers, allways capable to express that old science on the serious and easiest way

Kravcev in Sweden


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