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Current explanations of some parts of the history, especially from the periodes without plenty of the written remnants, sometimes sounds to me as if some archeologiests for exeample, would excavate the Brasilian Marakana in a very far, 10.000 years from now, and than write down the following:
` This was a temple of the God Football. Approximately arround the end of 2nd millenium, a cult of worshiping the God Pele was highly developed here, with the left leg stronger than the right one, which perhaps was allegory changing of the seasons, or eternal circling of the ritual rate of Dolar.

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...By current official history, the Ancient Greecs, or for exeample Old Egyptians were worshipers of many Gods. The main, supreme God of theirs 12 gods Pantheon ( perhaps it was like this, but only for the Robert Grevs), was the Zuus. Old Egyptians also worshiped many various Gods.
And what would you think or how did you feel, dear contemporary citizen from XXth or XXIst century, if you found in some text-book of some far future, the following explanation:
` During the 1st and 2nd millenium A.C., humans were still worshiping many Gods. The main supreme deity was the Jesus Crist, and other important deitys were for exeample : Holy Mary, Holy Vergine, Saint Paul, Saint Michael, Saint Georg the Warior a God of a progress a protector of the science from the darkness, the dragon killer`
The Old Egyptians had a word which was uniting the meaning of this - unity of everything which exist, the meaning that perhaps we could only touch a litle on our nowdays languages, with a word - God.
For the Old Egyptians, this word was - Ptah. For the Old Greecs, this meaning was surveyed in a word - Cosmos; and in some strict literally translation, bothe words would have a meaning - the all, everything. Of course in a translation on the current languages, which are too much linear, and naturaly by this also and less precise for describing of anything spiritual.
For those Old civilisations, there was absolutely existing the consciousness of this cosmical unity of everything, this that current civilisation ( which one reminds me, by the way, on some knight without the head, or unless without a consciousness ), first made narrow-minded in a word - God, and later gave up of all those high developed spheres, like from the something which is totaly and absolutely unreachable...

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